Animal Welfare

  • An Everesting fund-raiser hosted by Swazi Frontier MTB race has resulted in a total of E100 000 being raised for the benefit of Swaziland Animal Welfare Society ("SAWS")

    Everesting is an official non-stop cycling challenge to climb the equivalent height of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, in a single activity by riding repeats of the same section of a hill until 8848 metres ascent is achieved. Brett Foss and Ian McLeod chose the iconic Waterford Hill, just outside Mbabane.

    They have been recognised in the Everesting Hall of Fame as the 1st cyclists to successfully complete the Everesting Challenge in Eswatini, in 18h38mins and 19h49mins, respectively, on Sunday 30th August 2020. They rode a total 188kms (61 hill repeats) reaching 8921 metres ascent.

    Sam Hodgson and Vitor Oliveira also successfully achieved their Half Everesting challenges by riding repeats of the Waterford Hill equivalent to climbing half the height of Mount Everest (4424m ascent).

  • Swazi Frontier supports Swaziland Animal Welfare Society (“SAWS”) -
    Rabies Vaccination & Animal Welfare Clinic at Sokhula Care Point

    Swazi Frontier further assisted the Nginamadvolo community (where previously it constructed the Sokhula Pre-School Care Point and Sebenta Adult Education Centre) by hosting a Rabies Vaccination and Animal Welfare Clinic in March 2018.

    Swazi Frontier mountain bike stage race sponsored the drugs so that 108 dogs and cats were treated by SAWS in conjunction with 3 Government Vets (Drs Ndlangamandla, Kunene and Simbai from Mbabane and Piggs Peak). Students from Waterford United World College assisted the Government Vets at the Clinic as part of the school’s community service program.

    The Clinic was free to the community and ran from 08h00 until 14h00. All animals were vaccinated against Rabies, de-wormed and also sprayed against ticks and fleas.

    Dogs were also given their 5-in-1 vaccination.

  • Swaziland Animal Welfare Society “SAWS”

    When mountain biking through some of Eswatini’s remotest parts, we have come across many animals in dire need of care and so we have included SAWS as a beneficiary of our social footprint.

    SAWS is a self-funded, non-profit making organization dedicated to promoting animal welfare in Eswatini. It is run by a volunteer committee and minimal salaried staff who care for the rescued animals 24/7 at its bases in Mbabane and Manzini.

    SAWS promotes education and awareness about animals: one of its main objectives is to encourage empathy with animals and so a change in attitude regarding their treatment.

    Generally SAWS receives:
    • unwanted animals, which are usually brought in by their owners;
    • abandoned animals, often dumped from cars into the street or left behind in locked houses without food or water when the owner moves away;
    • neglected or cruelly treated animals. Where possible, the animals will be rehabilitated by giving food, shelter and affection so that they can be sterilised and vaccinated before being adopted into a suitable loving home.

    SAWS “Wish List”:
    • to employ an Inspector to visit and check homes prior to and after adoption and also to advise existing owners how to improve the lives of their animals;
    • funds to upgrade SAWS’ dilapidated cat and dogs pens which were built in the early 1960's and are now beyond restoration. Ideally they need replacing but at the very least total renovation with new and proper foundations;
    • a complete new drainage system;
    • a new animal Hospital wing.