Feedback 2016

This event has to rate as my best event so far from a people, vibe, toughness and performance point of view. We had the pleasure of riding with a great bunch guys and girls, in varied weather conditions and over diverse terrain, that's going to make it tough to beat.   
Well done Lesley and Brett for all your efforts in putting together such a great event!
Chris Baisch

Once again, thanks so much to you both and the whole Swazi Frontier team for making 2016 an awesome, spectacular ride. Last year was great, and I came back for more fun, and it was heaped out in bucket loads. – Thank You! You guys are going from strength to strength and you are paving the way for what REAL and AUTHENTIC mountain biking is all about.
Paul Kapeleus

Thank you Swazi Frontier, I had an amazing three days with my brother and team mate. Challenged, exhausted and exhilarated, friends made, tired muscles and a happy heart.
Nadine Stein

Swazi Frontier done and dusted!  It was by far the hardest stage race I've ever done with lots of steep climbs, technical descents and the most incredible views and scenery! We had mud, rain, mist and heat, the beautiful Swaziland really threw it all at us! Was tough going by myself but met really great people along the route! We'll be back! Well done Lesley and Brett for a fantastic event!
Kerry-Leigh Tomasseli

Swazi Frontier 2016 was an amazing experience of proper real mountain biking.  I had major mechanical problems on Day 1 and didn't get to ride Day 3 but it's a bucket lister for all mountain bikers who love a chilled vibe and unreal countryside and people. Well done Lesley and Brett. Awesome.
Billy Stelling

Thanks for a very very nice ride – true mtb’ing indeed. We’ll be back and hopefully more organised next year
Francois Smith

Thank you both again for a most wonderful experience. I will be bragging about the beautiful kingdom and epic riding to all my Canadian friends upon my return.
Hugh Jones

Thank for everything you guys did, Mark can’t stop talking about how much he enjoyed it!  It sounded like it was tough but they all really enjoyed it!
Dane Pretorius on behalf of Mark Buchel

Thanks a mil for three awesome and honest days of insane riding!
George Dimopoulos

Once again a big thank you for a great event overall.
Andrew Mundell

Thank you so much for hosting us.   The experience was good, the service was excellent, the food was brilliant and everything ran smoothly.
Jorge Capkovic

Thanks again for a brilliant 3 days of riding and festivities (as always).
Richard Simpson

A very big thank you for all your hard work organising the race - what an event! It was obviously very challenging and I was frequently terrified, but am definitely up for another one. 
Selina Russell

Thank you both for an awesome race.  Really had a great time!
Richard Darne

Wonderful 3 days!
Wendy Reed

Absolutely loved it thanks!
Sandra Olivier

Thank you loved your ride and country!
Ray Olivier

Many thanks for a very tiring but very rewarding 3 days.  It was a great experience and hopefully we will be back next year, fitter and stronger and more importantly knowing what to expect.
Greg Green

Thank you for an awesome experience again.
Lousanne Ackerman

Thanks again for a fantastic ride, which we both thoroughly enjoyed...
Mike Koller

Thanks again for an awesome event, and well done on the organisation!
James Ross

A magnificently organised and exceptional event.
Mandy Joughin

Thanks again for a great weekend riding. Will definitely come back.
Richard Bonatz

Great event!  Thanks for everything.
Fiona MacIntosh