Feedback 2019

Feedback 2019

Great event, great vibe!  John Hubert 2019

Brilliant event! Craig Lewis 2019

The most beautiful 3 days I have ever spent on a mountain bike.  Being on uncongested trails just made my ride!  The field was small enough to get to know most of the riders.  Accommodation was much better than a tent. You guys made it special!  Phil Henning 2019

Incredibly warm, personal race and event experience with proper unique riding. Abré Roux 2019

Thank you for a memorable event.  Loved it!  Brian Henn 2019

Easier race route was great!  Gert Muller 2019

I have the post-Swazi blues!  Missing the riding and great hospitality.  An amazing event!  Tim Capon 2019

Thanks for a great race!  I had a ball!  Erni Welch 2019

Fabulous event and real mountain biking!  We had a fabulous ride in beautiful Swaziland.  Such a cool event with awesome riding, great trails and very well organised logistics.  Thanks so much for the opportunity.  Geoff Bihl 2019

Great camaraderie!  William Stein 2019

Thank you for a fantastic experience; it was truly wonderful to ride the renowned trails through the middle of nowhere!   The pluses for me were: the effort and dedication that you obviously put in; the fantastic trails that you had also worked on to make them still wild but rideable; the great choice of venues and food; the value for money overall; the goody bags and clothing; and the contribution of the sponsors who seem keen to sustain their support.  All in all, superb!  Tony Hulett 2019

Good route, excellent organisation, perfect atmosphere!  Ian McLeod 2019

Will be back for another ride!  Andrew Comley 2019

Thank you for a great event. The accommodation, food, vibe, humour, route, track etc etc was first class, sadly can't say the same for the climbs JJ.  Jeremy and I thoroughly enjoyed it and only wished that we were fitter.  Will spread the word and would certainly recommend your ride to our riding mates.  All the best, keep it going, would love to be back.  John Grobler 2019

I feel like I have post-race depression!  It was magnificent!  Claudia Slattery 2019

Thanks again for a super weekend away.  Had a great time and many laughs!  Andrew Comley 2019

Thanks for all your efforts.  Carla Davis 2019

Thanks for a wonderful event and I look forward to doing my third one.  Rob Lundie 2019

We just wanted to let you guys know how much we enjoyed our trip to Swaziland and taking part in the Swazi Frontier was brilliant. We met some great people, the food was superb, and the riding was awesome! It's a beautiful country to ride in.
You two have done a great job in running it every year and we want to thank you for putting on a great race. There's a lot of organisation involved. We are even discussing whether we should try to make it back next year!  Steven and Maureen Enderby 2019

Thanks for a great race!  Roger Nicolson 2019

Stage 1 very easy!  Very nice!  Lean Drinkwater 2019

Great race!  Thanks guys!  Jarrett Pech 2019