Feedback 2021

Feedback 2021

Swazi Frontier wins again. Best mountain bike event ever.  Lekker tired legs but moerse happy!  Adam Wood 2021

Thank you so much for a wonderful ride! A great event!  Beth McLeod 2021

You have a winning recipe perfected over the years.  Eswatini is anything but flat!  Tony Huglin 2021

I love this race.  Super tough, challenging trails, friendly people, stunning scenery and delicious food!  We had such fun! It’s really one of our favourite events!  Rebecca Sands 2021

Was a great ride this year, thanks Brett and Lesley Foss – one definitely to write home about!  Richard Darne 2021

Awesome race!  Brendan Temple 2021

You’d love that event!   It’s a rad adventure!  Nathan Pellow-Jarman 2021

I love the wildness of the race.  I had such a great time, thank you for all the effort you guys have put in.  David Reynders 2021

Thanks for an epic event. It was tough, sometimes brutal, but awesome mountain biking. The size of the field, superb uncongested trails and your organization made for a great few day out.   Also, plenty of laughs and a few “harden up” moments.  Paul Kennedy 2021

Thank you for an amazing event, well organized and it was very enjoyable! Definitely the best way to start our Stage Race Career!  Tobias Basson 2021

Swazi was tough but incredible.  Tony Payne 2021

Thank you, and a HUGE thank you for all you and Brett did throughout the event! Definitely something to be remembered!  Rudi Rudolph 2021

Thanks so much for the amazing experience, was so chuffed to finally do it and explore corners of Swazi I have never got to.  Bruce Wright 2021

Thanks for awesome event – put on in VERY difficult circumstances. Take my hat off to you guys for persevering and making it happen!  We all had a great time; proper hard riding & the best part was to relax & kuier with friends afterwards. It is something that all of us have missed dearly during Covid…  Albert Van Urk 2021

Thank you for hosting and organising another awesome Swazi Frontier. My mate Jason was also blown away with everything, from accommodation to trails and general organisation. What makes it so great is the general vibe is just so relaxed and chilled.   Your photo and media crew were also top notch ….  Thanks again and looking at all the photos, and scenery makes me realise it is truly a unique mtb race.  Tim Theunissen 2021

Congratulations on a brilliant event!!  I felt really privileged to be part of the Swazi Frontier race. It’s wild, challenging, exhausting but lots of fun.  It was great catching up with old friends and other like-minded folk, everyone enjoying the great outdoors as well as the monstrous climbs.   You guys created something really special, you must be very proud.  Dave Oxenham 2021

A super event.  Georgie Jephson 2021

Swazi Frontier is by far the most chilled event I have been to.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Anyway, I am not sure how you top free beer at the finish!  Deon Kotze 2021

A huge thank you and well done. There are lots of frills around the race which were unexpected, but much appreciated. I appreciated the difficulty of the challenge (and I've done many other 3-day stage races). At the end of the day it’s about the ride, which was tough, beautiful, fun.  Paul Burgoyne 2021

Well done on an excellent event! You guys have done a fine job in quite a remote location!! The truth is it's definitely one of the tougher rides around given some tough climbs, but that comes with the territory of the awesome, wild scenery.  Andrew Broom 2021

Overall a fantastic experience. The bike wash service was hugely helpful. Well done for pulling off such an enjoyable event under difficult circumstances. Another highlight for me was meeting really interesting and like-minded people.  Robin Bolton 2021

A tough technical shorter alternative to Tankwa or similar events. A true challenge that will test your skill and ability.  Pieter Bezuidenhout 2021

Proper challenge - keep it that way!  Ross Williams 2021

Well run event. As a rider we are well looked after.  Bill Capel 2021

A great event and very personal.  Nick Larsen 2021