Compulsory Kit

This list is not aimed at adding unnecessary ballast as you tackle the hills but is for your own safety due to the remote and inaccessible nature of the terrain.

Every rider must carry on all stages:

Each team must carry on all stages:

Recommended kit for overnight stops

Each rider is restricted to 1 bag for all kit (ie clothing and bike equipment) which should be approximately 80cm x 40cm x 40cm. We will transport kit bags to each overnight venue. We cannot accept additional crates, boxes or any loose items due to limited transport.

We recommend that you pack into your bag:

Bike Spares

It is essential that you focus on your bike preparation before the race and bring along adequate spares because you need to be self-sufficient. We strongly recommend that you bring along too many spares rather than too few. There is no need to carry them all on the ride just so long as they are available to you at the overnight stops. Below is our recommended list: